Dear Digidestined,

You've probably seen some advice blogs out there on tumblr, so here's another one. But instead of getting advice from a fellow tumblrer, this one is run by us, the twelve digidestined. You may remember when we saved the real and Digital Worlds but now we're retired from the world saving business and have decided to give the advice-giving scene a shot!

Before submitting your question, PLEASE read the Guidelines!, otherwise we might not be able to answer your question!

So let's get down to business...

(Old habits die hard.)
Anonymous: Dear Digidestined, how do you get to the Digital World? Sincerely, Future Digidestined

Dear Future Digidestined,

Click your heels twice and say there’s no place like home ~

Sincerely, all of us.

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Dear Over-Sleeper,

Step 1: Choose the most annoying alarm ringtone possible.

Step 2: Put it on the highest volume you can.

Step 3: Put it on the opposite side of your room from your bed.

This way when it goes off you can’t just roll over and turn it off, you actually have to get out of bed and go across the room to switch it off, and by then you’re already up! 

Wakey Wakey,

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As we’re sure lots of you are too… Life has been crazy for us Digidestined. Saving both worlds was one thing, but this whole balancing school, extra-curriculars and part-time jobs while still having time to spend with friends, family and significant others I mean what?

Ahem, it’s been crazy.

We’re still here and promise to get to all your advice is the coming weeks. Good luck with midterms and the upcoming holidays! 


Your Digidestined.

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Dear Not-Awesome,

Sorry, just by messaging me you are automatically added to the top 10% of the most awesome people worldwide. It’s a very exclusive club.

Your membership sunglasses and leather jacket will be arriving by mail in 8-10 business days.

Welcome to the club,

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Dear Future Chef,

I don’t know what you mean about owning my own show, I’m just in junior high but that would totally be fabulous!!!

I definitely agree that you should ask for their honest opinion. As much as compliments feel good, if you truly want to make cooking your career, sincerity is what will help. Just remember that they’re doing it out of love, so be open minded to their comments and not take them personally!

All the best, my darling, and I hope one day you’ll invite me on your cooking show! 

Love and hugs,


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Dear Stress-Ridden,

I know how you feel. I worked many summers in my mother’s flower shop, and even as a pre-teen who cared as much about flowers as I did my shoe laces (probably even less) I was astounded by the stupidity of some people. I coped by writing it all in a journal… all the dumb questions and ridiculous people. It may have been stressful at the time, but looking back through that journal is hilarious. Kill them with kindness and then rant with pen and paper once they’re gone. It works, I swear!


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Dear F,

Thanks man, means a lot!

Congrats! Learning an instrument is something to be proud of in itself, and the fact that you’ve got a band is a great place to be.

I totally hear you, man. I had a buddy who got kicked out of his band because the guy whose basement they practised in had a girlfriend who hit on my friend and the guy got jealous. 

I’d say put up with their… youngness at least until a better opportunity presents itself. If you’re not happy there, it’s not going to be a good scene. On the other hand, you don’t want to burn any bridges if these guys smarten up in the next couple years. Wait it out for awhile. Ask if they want to make the band a priority, and suggest they take it more seriously. Chances are they look up to you, and you hold the power there.

Rock on (not in a lame cheesy way, obviously),


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Dear Redited this SO much,

That is so wonderful that you have those strengths! A good place to start is talking to someone who shares the same skills and interests as you, maybe  a team-mate in one of the sports you play! It may be uncomfortable at first but common interests are a great foundation in a friendship! :)

Good luck!! :)


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Darn! I was going to suggest getting involved with the Digimon ‘fandom’ online, especially since tumblr has quite an active one.

Aside from that, if you’re truly looking for an “in-person” buddy to share your love of the show with, get merch! I will not disclose the show I did this with as Davis reads all these, but I made a good friend just by wearing a t-shirt with a character from a show on it! Some people will react out of nostalgia and you’d be surprised how excited people are to relive memories with someone who can remind them of what they don’t quite remember. AAAAND there’s no need to go on eBay and spend a small fortune on merch, simply changing your phone background or getting a plain t-shirt and silk screening an image on it is relatively cheap and awesomely customizable!

Have fun!



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Dear One Time Its Memorized,

I must say I am extremely envious of you! I know other people that have that same “technique” and while I would be absolutely terrified to try it myself, I know it works for some. 

If it works for you, definitely stick with it! That being said, my brother dated this girl who told me she never studied for a single test all throughout high school and managed a 3.9 GPA, but received an extremely rude awakening when she entered college. Even if you feel that studying isn’t necessary for you now, it is a good idea to still develop study skills so that you aren’t behind if you choose to further your education.


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